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Happy Thanksgiving USA

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CARDS-1     Two Special     Thanks from the W.B. Gang

Wish We Could     Warm Coziness     Warm Special Greeting

Beautiful Harvest, Large + Medium     Home Sweet Home     Turk-09-L + Turk-09-R

Greetings     Bountiful Basket     Thinking of You #1 + And #2

CARDS-2     C-51301     C-51302     C-51303     C-51304     C-51305

C-51306     C-51307     C-51308     C-51309     C-51310     C-51311

C-51312     C-51313     C-51314

CARDS-3     Thanksgiving Joys     Thanksgiving Best Wishes

Damsel and Turkey     Harvest Moon Turkeys     Plenty of Thanks

Thanx C-00b     Thanx Bird 23     Google 03 + 04     Thanx 2ooo

Turk 00a + 00b + 00c     Dinner Turk -A- + -B-

HT01 + HT02     HT250 + HT252     Pilgrims Pray     Happy Thanksgiving (1130)

Across the Miles     Cozy Times     Warm Wishes

A "Deadly" Turkey .. Careful! He's not for the faint of heart!   Size: Large + Medium

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