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  posted November 16, 2001 04:52 PM
Greetings --

This is my first day here (November 16, 2001) at this forum and this is my first post!

On a Sports-BaseBall Forum (dead link), they have a free-for-all section where any topic
can be discussed. A fan put up this thread -- "Pick your All-Time Star Trek Dream Crew",
and suggested these categories ----

  Ship    Captain    First Officer    Engineer     Helmsman    Doctor    Chief of Security

Plus two additional character categories which do not fit the above! ---

   Recurring good character(s), guy or gal    Recurring bad character(s), guy or gal

Folks weren't specificly asked to keep choices confined to the above, but most did when
they responded. You can deviate a little bit if you like.

Thanx-A-Lot, Enjoy and God Bless Vespucci-Land, Frank-0-Sport


Willie Gilligan's Skipper Grinder

Posts: 18
Registered: Nov 2001
  posted November 16, 2001 04:55 PM
Brace Yourselves -- these are my choices and I do a LOT of deviation !!!!

Haven't really watched the ST: ENTERPRISE series, so nothing from it is represented here!

The Run-A-Bouts -- There should be two in every garage; Beats Metro Rush Hour in any millenium!

Captain   Tie - Picard-Sisko-Janeway

First Officer
Tie - Cmdr Elizabeth Shelby (Best of Both Worlds, part 2); DS9's Kira Nerys;
Majel Barrett's "Number One" in the pilot "The Cage" (aka "The Menagerie")

Doctor   All The Ones I've Seen (McCoy, Crusher, Polaski, Bashir, HoloGram Man)

Ambassador Kolos, "No Truth in Beauty". Anyone who can find their way out of a void is #1 in my book.

Helmsman   Hikaru Sulu.

Honorable Mention: Lt. Monroe in TNG's "Disaster".
Before she died, she aligned the ship to prevent catastrophic damage.

Nurse   Kes (Voyager). She heals with thought power! Try topping that!

Communications   Uhura! She's got the pipes, baby! -- AND STILL DOES!

The Slaver Weapon (1973 animated series). "When I am off, I have no sense of passing tyyimmmme!"
Now THAT is Pure Machine Logic at its best!

Tactical   Tasha Yar in "Yesterday's Enterprise"

Security   Tie - Worf; Odo

Engineering   Tie -- Scotty; Geordi; O'Brien

Counselor   TIE - Deanna Troi (better curves)   Guinan (better hours)

The Bar   That poor, hapless bartender in "The Trouble with Tribbles". (surprise!)

Ship's Would-be Detective   Lt. Cmdr Data. Elementary, my dear Trekkites.

Ship's Cat   The Tiger from the TOS episode "Shore Leave" (apologies to Data's pet cat Spot).

Ship's Funniest Laugher   Lt. Cmdr Data in TNG's "Deja Q"

DISCLAIMER (in voice of F. Murray Abraham) ...
"That was not Data laughing. That was Q laughing at Picard through that hideous, obscene giggle!"

Model Rocket Builder who breathed new life into Hobby and Toy Stores everywhere
Zefram Cochrane, of course!!!

A Certain Character's Quote
  One of many things we Trek Fans wish we could know the resolution of.

  "Oh God, What I'd Love To Show You" Beverly Crusher to Jean-Luc Picard in
  TNG Year-1 episode "The Naked Now"

Best and most important episode
"Yesterday's Enterprise", which created several never really seized upon possibilities.

Best recurring good person
Gene Roddenberry, the Heart and Soul.

Worst recurring bad persons
Entities who did not realize certain paths and directions that Trek (especially TNG) could venture off to!

Thanx-A-Lot, Enjoy and God Bless Vespucci-Land, Frank-0-Sport


I look better in black vinyl when I'm inside the Matrix.

Posts: 769
Registered: Feb 2001
  posted November 16, 2001 07:01 PM
Dyson's dream cast and ship ...

Ship - U.S.S. ENTERPRISE-C (love the look of that ship! Kicked ass!) or U.S.S. RELIANT-A

Captain - Will Riker or Janeway     First Officer - Chekov or Spock     Helmsman - Data or Tom Paris

Engineer - O'Brien or Scotty     Doctor - Hologram Doc or McCoy     Security - Wolf or Tasha Yar


I look better in black vinyl when I'm inside the Matrix.

Posts: 733
Registered: July 2001
  posted November 21, 2001 09:58 AM
Ship: Enterprise NCC-1701-D

Captain: my first choice will be Picard but I’d love to see Data in the captain’s chair
1st Officer: Geordi will be good but also Jadzia Dax
Engineer: Belana Torres will be my choice she loves her job
Chief of Security: my first choice will be Odo after him Tasha Yar and Worf

Doctor: Crusher was so maternal I think that’s the way a doctor should be;
      she also always was willing to help.

Recurring good character(s) (guy/gal) guy will have to be Q and gal will be Guinan
Recurring bad character(s) (guy/gal) guy Gul Dukat and girl will be Seska


I look better in black vinyl when I'm inside the Matrix.

Posts: 1376
Registered: Aug 2000
  posted November 21, 2001 12:37 PM
I still say it's practically impossible to beat the original crew...but in the interest of inclusion,
I'll try and reach beyond the Magnificent Seven

Ship: USS Enterprise 1701 (final refit...STTMP - ST3)

Captain: Ed Jellico (TNG's "Chains of Command," played by Ronny Cox)
First Officer: Spock (TOS)
Engineer: Montgomery Scott (TOS)

Helmsman: Hikaru Sulu (TOS)
Doctor: Leonard H. McCoy, MD (TOS)
Chief of Security: Malcolm Reed (ENT)

Additional crew ....
Navigator: Ilia (STTMP)
Tactical: Worf (TNG)

Recurring good guy: Sarek (TOS-TNG)
Recurring bad guy: Romulan Commander Tomalak (TNG)

Grason, AYS

Latex Zebra

I look better in black vinyl when I'm inside the Matrix.

Posts: 2481
Registered: Aug 2001
  posted November 22, 2001 03:14 AM
Excellent choices Grason. Ed Jelico was brilliant, if a bit of a bastard.

Ship USS Prometheus       Captain: Picard, can't change him as I think he's great.

1st Officer: Chakotay, again thought he was great.
Science Officer: Data, you know it makes sense.
Engineer: Chief O'brien, to be sure, he's a grand ol' Irish fella.

Helmsman: Tom Paris, he can fly, no doubt about that.
Doctor: McCoy. no one else comes close, though I would like the EMH to come in now and then.
Chief of Security: Worf, Hard as nails.

Additional characters ....

  Good old Ensign Yates would make a comeback and I'd have Harry Kim somewhere as well.

  Recurring good guy: Q, as I don't think he's a bad guy anymore.
  Recurring good gal: 7 of 9, she looks to damn good to leave out.

  Recurring bad guy: Weyoun, I know the Domian war is over, he's just such a cool bad ass.
  Recurring bad gal: Evil Romulan Yar.

Kirk is a Jerk
  Sulu - Go to Hell | Uhura - Kiss My Black Ass | George Takei and Nichelle Nichols roasting William Shatner Sulu - Go to Hell | Uhura - Kiss My Black Ass | George Takei and Nichelle Nichols roasting William Shatner

Posts: 18
Registered: Nov 2001

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  posted December 14, 2001 11:56 PM
Thanx to all those who have replied so far

Thanx-A-Lot, Enjoy, Happy Holidays and God Bless Vespucci-Land, FrankoSport


Have you seen my son, Nemo?

Posts: 4
Registered: Dec 2001
  posted December 16, 2001 01:24 AM
Ship: Has to be the Prometheus. That ship kicked about 348 different varieties of ass.

Captain: Hmm...this is a hard one. I am going to have to go with Benjamin Sisko.
      He was straight up and in your face. I liked that.

First Officer: Chakotay. He would balance Sisko's volatile nature with his own calmn temperament
Engineer: Geordi La Forge.
Doctor: The Holographic Doctor. Leonard McCoy is a close second.
Helmsman: Data, easily.

Communications Officer .....
  I don't know if it's her first or last name, but Hoshi from Enterprise.
  I have a thing for Asians.

Chief of Security: Pavel Chekov.
  If I am not mistaken, his character was a Security Chief for a while in the movies.
  I do not care for Worf and Tuvok is just a bland character to me.

Additional regular character(s): Jadzia Dax. Make her the head of sciences or something.

Recurring bad character(s) (guy/gal) The Romulans.
The best Star Trek alien race, hands down. The Q would be a nice addition as well.


I look better in black vinyl when I'm inside the Matrix.

Posts: 1368
Registered: May 2001
  posted December 16, 2001 05:52 PM
Here's mine.

Ship .. USS ENTERPRISE NCC 1701       Captain .. James R. Kirk

First Officer .. Number One (Majel Barrett)       Helmsman .. Gary Mitchell

Comunications Officer .. Uhura       Engineer .. Montgomery Scott

Navigator .. Kevin Riley     Doctor .. Leonard H. McCoy

Chief of Security .. Tasha Yar     Yeoman .. Janice Rand

Additional regular character(s) who doesn't fit the above ....

  Elizabeth Dehner, Helen Noel, Vina, Saavik, Gillian Taylor and Reberta Lincoln

Recurring good character(s) (guy/gal) .. Sarek

Recurring bad character(s) (guy/gal) .. Khan Noonien Singh


I look better in black vinyl when I'm inside the Matrix.

Posts: 92
Registered: Feb 2001
  posted December 23, 2001 09:21 PM
Ship .. USS Voyager     Captain .. Picard (Diplomacy first)

First Officer .. Dax (Wisdom of the Ages)     Chief Tactical Advisor .. Worf (...)

Engineer .. Scott (Can always get that extra out)     Helmsman .. Data (Jack of all Trades)

Doctor .. Bashear (Genetically engineered and brings humour in)

Science Officers .. Mr Spock and Seven Of Nine (Oh the chemistry, oh the knowledge)

Chief of Security .. Garak (Leaving security to the race who know it)

Chief of Away Team .. Kirk (anywhere but on the bridge is fine)

Recurring good character(s) (guy/gal) .. Sarek     Recurring bad character(s) (guy/gal) .. Q


Have you seen my son, Nemo?

Posts: 1
Registered: Dec 2001
  posted December 31, 2001 07:12 AM
this is my first post on one of these EVER!!! yay me!!!       Ok, here goes

Ship .. One of the old Klingon battlecruisers     Captain .. Valeris (if it weren't for that treason thing...)

First Officer .. Dr McCoy (i know it doesn't make sense, but it would rock...)

So then, who'd be the Doctor .. The Voyager E.M.H.

Science Officer .. Jadzia Dax (just cuz im in love)       Engineer .. tough, i'd say scotty

Conn .. Tom Paris       Security .. Ro Laren. She could kick Worf's butt any day.

Recurring Goodie .. that guy from Enterprise who's a big rip off of Bones???

Recurring Baddie .. i thought Soran had charisma

Thanx all for letting me post.


Have you seen my son, Nemo?

Posts: 2
Registered: Jan 2002
  posted January 06, 2002 12:35 PM
Captain .. Janeway      First Officer .. Riker    Helm .. Tom Paris

Tactical-Security .. Tasha Yar    Chief Engineer .. B'Elanna Torres    Doctor .. The E.M.H. Doctor

Science Officer .. Jadzia Dax    Someone to have around .. Guinan


The TX?   She ain't a bad-ass like I am.

Posts: 475
Registered: Dec 2001
  posted January 16, 2002 12:34 AM
Hrrmmm ... this was a tough one ......

  On pure looks- the Gorn vessel. Anyone ever see that thing? I first saw a pic of it
  in an olllld Star Trek board game. It looked mean as Hell.

  If we're going for the total package, then the Prometheus. That thing has the
  capability to be some kind of Dreadnought Like crossing the Bismark and the
  Yamato. Pure Hellfire. That's what I'd call it -- USS Hellfire.

  Honorable mention to the Gunship with Guts: the Defiant.

  Picard. I mean... the man did more than Kirk ever dreamed of. The Borg, Q,
  Cardassian torture, Romulan half-breeds from an alternate universe, has his
  own damn Maneuver ... He is the perfect Starship Captain.

First Officer
  If you've got Picard, ya gotta have Riker. but only -AFTER- he grew his beard.
  He was such a -DINK- before that. Happened with Sisko, too. Anyway... Riker is
  the perfect Number One, but only with Picard. They're a double act. It's a
  switcheroo of the first Captain/#1, with the gung ho charisma taking a side
  seat to the cooler intellect.

  I like O'Brien alot. He's smart, quick thinking, and I think he'd be fun to drink with.
  But c'mon... who's better than Scotty. That man IS the miracle worker. And ya know what?
  Probably just as fun to drink with. "Well it's uh... it's green."

  Data. Honorable mention to Paris and all, but I'd rather have Data on my ship anyday.

  Tough call. OK, so Julian Bashere is engineered to be brilliant. But I gotta go with
  Beverly Crusher. The fact that she's a hot red head doesn't hurt, either. Honorable
  mention to The Doctor of Voyager. Their scene together in "First Contact" kicked
  ass... had me rollin.'

Science Officer
  Spock... who else? Also, I'd LOVE to sit in on a Riker, Spock, Scotty, Data
  poker match. Oh, the possibilities!

Security Chief
  The double act of Worf and Odo. Worked on DS9, it'd work on a ship.

  I'm with Aesiron on this ... Hoshi all the way. I can't imagine how many IQ points
  it takes to do her job. Plus she's hot... what can I say?

  Quark. He was funny, and 9 times out of 10, a pretty stand up guy. Takes guts
  to fight a Klingon when you're only 5'4" or so, no matter what kind of help
  you're gettin. Plus it's always good to have a good hook up around, nudge-nudge,
  wink-wink, ya know-ya know?

Reoccuring Bad Guys
  Again, a shout to the Gorn. What happened with them? They got that one
  episode and poof! they're gone? What's up with that? Are they the Kesier
  Sosez of races or something? WTF?

Reoccuring Good Guys
  Guinan, since I didn't have her at the Bar. I'd love to see Guinan walking
  into a bar run by Quark ... oh man! Are you listening, Screenwriters?

For what it's worth.....

[This message has been edited by TheDrgnReborn (edited January 16, 2002).]


We Can Throw Tribbles At Them

Posts: 18
Registered: Nov 2001
  posted March 27, 2002 06:20 PM
Let's Keep Dreaming On, all your Trekkies, Trekkers, TrekToids and TrekTights!

Thanx-A-Lot, Enjoy and God Bless Vespucci-Land, Frank-0-Sport


I look better in black vinyl when I'm inside the Matrix.

Posts: 333
Registered: Mar 2002
  posted March 28, 2002 03:31 PM
So this Topic thread is *so* old, but here is my dream team .....

Ship .. Prometheus    Captain .. Will Riker    1st Officer .. Saavik

Chief Engineer .. Miles O'Brien    Science Officer .. Seven of Nine

Navigator .. Wesley Crusher (grown-up!)    Helmsman .. Tom Paris

Tactical .. Tuvok    Doctor .. Julian Bashir    Chief of Security .. Worf

Regularly Recurring Characters ... Guinan in a Ten-Forward type bar, Kes in sick bay.

Occasional characters ... Spock, Q, Sisko-Wormhole Alien-Whatever, Admiral Janeway, Capt. Picard, any romulans


I look better in black vinyl when I'm inside the Matrix.

Posts: 242
Registered: Jan 2002
  posted April 02, 2002 12:36 PM
Ship ... the Enterprise NCC-1701-D.
  Beautifully designed by Andrew Probert and Rick Sternbach, the bridge was the best ever.

Captain ... Riker, I'm promoting him because he is my favorite Trek character.

1st officer ... Commander Shelby (Best of Both Worlds)

Engineer ... Geordi (with his visor), I love Levar Burton's acting.

Helmsman ... Wesley Crusher, this kid could get himself out of anything.

Doctor ... McCoy, he always put Kirk in his place and brought a real human perspective to things.

Chief of Security ... Worf, He and Commander Riker were much better friends than they let on.

Operations Officer ... Data, this guy is amazing, and you can't have Geordi without Data.

Recurring Good Character (guy) ... Admiral Picard

Recurring Good Character (gal): Deanna Troi, as Riker's Wife

Recurring Bad Character (guy) ... The Romulan Tomeluk


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Posts: 18
Registered: Nov 2001
  posted September 18, 2002 05:41 PM
Greetings ---

Take Your Best Shot Trekoids and Trekites

Thanx-A-Lot, Enjoy and God Bless Vespucci-Land, Frank-0-Sport


I look better in black vinyl when I'm inside the Matrix.

Posts: 143
Registered: May 2002
  posted September 19, 2002 02:59 PM
Ship ... USS Prometheus NX-59650 (VOY: Message in a Bottle).
    The latest in Starfleet tech. Regenerative Shielding and Ablative Armor.
    Multi-vector Assault Mode. Ya can't beat that.

Captain ... Capt. Benjamin Sisko    1st officer ... Saavik    Engineer ... Montgomery Scott

OPS-Communications-Science Officer ... Data    Helmsman ... Tom Paris

Doctor ... Beverly Crusher       Chief of Security ... Odo

Recurring Characters ... Garak (neutral), Tomalak (bad)

Guest Appearances ... Nog, Spock, Captain Riker, the Mirror Universe

G.C. 34

Have you seen my son, Nemo?

Posts: 5
Registered: May 2002
  posted September 21, 2002 02:32 AM
Ship ... Voyager       Captain ... Picard       1st Officer ... Riker or Chakotay

Engineer ... Scotty       Helm ... Wesley Crusher or Tom Paris

Doctor ... McCoy or Beverly Crusher

Security ... Worf (can’t beat a Klingon)       Science Officer ... Data       Bartender ... Guinan

Other Characters ... Just about anybody who isn’t on the above list.


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  H E L L from Dr. McCoy !?!?!

Posts: 18     Registered: Nov 2001

  posted January 08, 2003 02:46 AM
  Greetings and Happy New Year    Thanx-A-Lot, FrankoSport


I look better in black vinyl
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Posts: 161
Registered: Nov 2002
  posted January 08, 2003 03:32 AM
Ship ... USS Enterprise NCC-1701-A

Captain ... Admiral Nechayev (I'm a sucka for tough bitches and this chick's got balls)

1st Officer ... Kira Nerys (as I said, tough bitches rock)

Science Officer ... Spock (cool and logical, a perfect counterpoint to Nechayev and Kira)

Engineer ... Montgomery 'Scotty' Scott (the greatest starship engineer ever)

Helmsman ... Ro Laren (a female helmsman, and she'd be a perfect counterpoint to Kira)

Doctor ... Leonard 'Bones' McCoy
      (where would this ship be without the McCoy/Spock sniping matches?)

Chief of Security ... Worf (shoot first and ask questions later)

Counselor ... Ezri Dax (for sheer cuteness, and she didn't need to use telepathy to do her job properly)

Miscellaneous crew members ...

    Lieutenant Barclay, Ensign Taitt, Ensign Salazar, Lieutenant Barnaby,
    Ensign Helen Blake and Ensign Tess Allenby

Additional recurring characters ....

    Good guy .. Hugh of Borg (can we say sweepstakes ?)

    Good gal .. Ambassador Cretak (Romulan diplomat assigned to DS9, played by Adrienne Barbeau)

    Bad gal 1 .. Mirror Kira (we lurv a spunky bitch with lesbian tendencies in spandex)

    Bad gal 2 .. The Borg Queen (Alice Krige. We've got Hugh, so we must have the Borg Queen)

    Bad guy 1 .. Lore (for coolness)

    Bad guy 2 .. Shinzon (for sheer coolness and as a counterpoint to Cretak)

Miscellaneous others ...

    Senator Tal'Aura, Commander Donatra, Chancellor Martok, Colonel Kurn,

    the President of the Federation


I look better in black vinyl
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Posts: 632
Registered: Mar 2002
  posted January 08, 2003 05:00 AM
Well, here would be my choices for an all-star dream crew....

SHIP ....
   Romulan Empire's SCIMITAR Class, newest and most powerful super battleship designed by the Remans,
   I'd name it after my ship in the Starfleet Command 3 PC game- The FALCHION.

   No doubt about it, James Tiberius Kirk. The Captain to end all Captains. Mr. Star Trek himself!
   Extensive combat and diplomatic experience and a hit with the chicks!

   THE Gary Mitchell character in WNMHGB episode- this was a tough choice between Spock and Mitchell
   but I ultimately chose Mitchell because he is better tactically than Spock, Spock would be my choice as
   head science officer but he would be senior to Mitchell in rank and therefore cannot be ordered around by
   him. (If Mitchell didn't die of course, but my alternate choice would be Riker for the same reasons as above).

   **note** There was a reorganization of Starfleet since the time of TOS and TNG, helmsmen and navigators
   were hereby referred to as bridge command specialists; the consoles were designed so that either person
   at the front could function in case the other was unavailable. Communications and tactical were now handled
   by security specialists that sat behind the Captain (in a galaxy class starship). Away team members would
   normally not include the Captain as that would jeopardize the ship's command integrity.

Now, on to the rest of my list .........

   Sulu - though he was ultimately promoted to Captain of the Excelsior, he's still the best
   helmsman of the bunch.

   Data - As long as he sits there, drives the ship and shut up like any good andriod will do, he is my
   choice for backup to Sulu.

   Spock - The master of analysis would be a great complement and he would be permanently stationed
   on the bridge.

   Chekhov - Oh yeah, he is quite good and funny when it comes to dealing death with weapons and
   he is definitely my choice for that.

   Scotty - The best! no one comes even close to him!

   McCoy with the holographic Doctor on Voyager as an assistant. Now that would make
   for one hell of a comedy team!

   Harry Mudd - The quintessential con-man! You have to bring him back! Trek is no fun without him!

   Garak - The best character of the TNG timeline and master spy too! Call him the Tailor of Panama!

   Khan Noonian Singh - Quite simply the most complex and best villian Trek has to offer! He learns from his
   mistakes and would be stronger each time the crew faces him!

   This position would be for intruders on the ship as well as part of the away team will be filled by Odo.
   He can change shape and he is quite deadly.

   Although Kirk would kill to be leading this team I would keep him at the bridge! No excuses.

   Spock, Data, Odo, Holographic Doctor

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What floor, please?
Up Your Shaft!

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Registered: Nov 2001
  posted April 19, 2003 04:22 PM
Greetings ....

Ahh! Springtime in Trekland! How Refreshing!

Thanx-A-Lot, Enjoy and God Bless Vespucci-Land, Frank-0-Sport


I look better in black vinyl when I'm inside the Matrix.

Posts: 651
Registered: Aug 2000
  posted April 19, 2003 07:49 PM
Ship ... USS Pegasus (Has a 'phasing cloak', therefore I WIN!)

Captain ... Jellico. Starfleet is a military organization, so it should have militaristic captains.

First Officer ... Data. Has saved the universe more times than Kirk.

Chief Engineer ... Geordi. Brilliance personified

Helm ... Wesley Crusher
   Completes Data-LaForge-Crusher idea ring. These three usually came up with all the solutions to every problem.

Doctor ... Bones McCoy. Gotta have somebody with an actual personality.

Tactical & Security ... Tuvok. You want a clear thinker for this position.

Recreation Officer ... T'Pol (No comment)

Location ... Alpha Quadrant       Time period ... Post-Voyager


I look better in black vinyl when I'm inside the Matrix.

Posts: 242
Registered: Jan 2002
  posted April 24, 2003 11:46 PM

Originally posted by nonagon: Starfleet is a military organization, so it should have militaristic captains.

Bobjw's reply ....

Starfleet is not a military organization, by this time there doesn't exist any human military
organizations. Starfleet is an institution whose main mission is to explore, defence is a
secondary mission, and it doesn't even think about conquering anything.

Although Starfleet is based on a militaristic hierarchy, it is not a military organisation itself.
This is a very common misconception.

Borg 51 of 50

I look better in black vinyl when I'm inside the Matrix.

Posts: 250
Registered: Aug 2002
  posted April 26, 2003 11:28 AM
Captain .. Borg     1st Officer .. Borg     Doctor .. Borg     Captain's Love Interest .. Borg

Chief of Security .. Borg     Engineer .. Borg     Navigator .. Borg

Now, just imagine the wacky highjinks! .........

Captain: "Lieutenant 32 of 944, we love you!"

Love Interest: "We know."

Captain: "What?!! Who told you?!"

Love Interest: "Nobody. We just knew."

Chief of Security: "Hey! What's going on here? Oh wait, nevermind. We know already."

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