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WDAK AM-540 Columbus, GA Top 40 Surveys   (Each opens in new window/tab)

June 3rd, 1971     December 23rd, 1971     May 18th, 1972     June 29th, 1972

Southern Ashe
Mike McLain, Tony Stephens, Jeff Fredrick, Rud King, Jimmy Pope, Alan Hussey, Danny Elrod, Randy Jackson, Terry Young, Robert Earl Lowery
Southern country-rock band, composed of school buddies primarily from Phenix City AL and nearby towns,
was active in the late 1970s and early 1980s. The band informally re-formed in 2010, officially re-formed
in 2012 and performs on certain occasions. The band has its own Facebook page (see below).

Ashe Kickin' Country
Southern Ashe Ashe Kickin' Country


YOU TUBE VIDEOS - 2012: "Street Corner Serenade"     "Apple Cider Sally"     "The American Dream"

FACE BOOK: "Friend""Like"       YouTube: 2010 Informal Jam: "If You Wanna Get to Heaven"

Jennifer Warnes

Wikipedia Bio         Official Web-Site

Jennifer is well known for her hit singles "Right Time of the Night" and "I Know A Heartache When
I See One", as well as movie soundtrack hits such as "It Goes Like It Goes" from "Norma Rae",
"(Love Lifts Us) Up Where We Belong" (with Joe Cocker) from "An Officer And A Gentleman" and
"(I've Had) The Time of My Life" (with Bill Medley) from "Dirty Dancing". She also sang
the title song for the 1980s Studs Terkel PBS special "Millworker".

She is also known for many of her solo albums, such as "Jennifer" (1972), "Shot Through the
Heart" (1979) and "The Hunter" (1992).

Jennifer's association with the poet-singer Leonard Cohen lasted over forty years, from the early
1970's thru Cohen's death in 2016. The high point of this relationship was her triumphant tribute
album of Cohen's songs, "Famous Blue Raincoat" (1987 - original release on vinyl; 2007 - a special
edition CD with bonus tracks).

"Famous Blue Raincoat" (1987 album; 2007 bonus remaster): WikipediaYouTube Playlist

Leonard Cohen

Wikipedia Bio         Official Web-Site

"Suzanne"   "Bird On A Wire"   "Joan of Arc"   "Dance Me to the End Of Love"
"If It Be Your Will"   "Coming Back To You"   "Hallelujah"   "Ain't No Cure For Love"
"First We Take Manhattan"   "Famous Blue Raincoat"   "Heart With No Companion"
"Who By Fire"   "You Want It Darker"

Also (w/Jennifer Warnes) -- "Song of Bernadette"

"Various Positions" (1984 album): WikipediaYouTube Playlist

Don McLean

Wikipedia Bio         Official Web-Site

"Till Tomorrow"   "Crossroads"   "Winterwood"   "Empty Chairs"
"Mother Nature"   "Vincent"   "Everybody Loves Me Baby"   "Crying"
"Dreidel"   "Castles in the Air"   "American Pie"

"American Pie" (1971 album): WikipediaYouTube Playlist

Steely Dan

Wikipedia Bio         Official Web-Site

First, you listen to their 1972 debut album "Can't Buy A Thrill", then go from there.

"Do It Again"   "Dirty Work"   "Kings"   "Midnight Cruiser"   "Reelin' in the Years"   "Peg"   "Josie"
"FM" (No Static At All)   "Deacon Blues"   "Bodhisattva"   "Show Biz Kids"   "My Old School"

"Only a Fool Would Say That"   "Pretzel Logic"   "Brooklyn Owes the Charmer Under Me"
"The Fez"   "Turn that Heartbeat Over Again"   "Hey Nineteen"   "Rikki Don't Lose that Number"


"Can't Buy A Thrill" (1972): WikipediaYouTube Playlist         "Aja" (1977): WikipediaYouTube Playlist

Led Zeppelin

Wikipedia Bio         Official Web-Site

"Battle of Evermore" (w/Sandy Denny)   "Good Times, Bad Times"   "Communication Breakdown"
"Immigrant Song"   "Stairway to Heaven"   "Whole Lotta Love"   "Dazed and Confused"   "Black Dog"

"Rock and Roll"   "Song Remains the Same"   "Houses of the Holy"   "Trampled Underfoot"
"No Quarter"   "Kashmir"   "Achilles Last Stand"   "All My Love"   "In the Evening"

"Led Zeppelin IV (Runes)" (1971 album): WikipediaYouTube Playlist

The Doors

Wikipedia Bio         Official Web-Site

"Break on Thru to the Other Side"   "The Crystal Ship"   "Twentieth Century Fox"
"Alabama Song"   "Back Door Man"   "The End" (1967 and 1979)   "Strange Days"

"Light My Fire"   "People Are Strange"   "When the Music's Over"   "Touch Me"
"The Changeling"   "Wishful Sinful"   "The Unknown Soldier"   "Spanish Caravan"   "Soul Kitchen"

"Hello, I Love You"   "Love Her Madly"   "Been Down So Long"   "Hyacinth House"
"L.A. Woman"     "The Cars Hiss By My Window" -- Like A Sonic Boom .. BLOOM!

"L'America"   "Texas Radio and the Big Beat - The WASP"   "Riders on the Storm"

From the post-Morrison "Full Circle" album: "The Mosquito", "Verdilac", "Get Up and Dance"


"The Doors" (1967): WikipediaYouTube Playlist         "L.A. Woman" (1971): WikipediaYouTube Playlist
| TIPPER GORE NOTE: "The Doors" playlist (1967) includes the uncensored version of "The End".

Fleetwood Mac

Wikipedia Bio         Official Web-Site

"Rhiannon"   "Over My Head"   "Monday Morning"   "Dreams"   "Don't Stop",
"Go Your Own Way"   "Songbird"   "Gold Dust Woman"   "Second Hand News"

"Tusk"   "Sara"   "Hold Me"   "Oh, Diane"   "Gypsy"   "Bare Trees"   "Sentimental Lady" (1972)
"Sunny Side of Heaven"   "Homeward Bound"   "Did You Ever Love Me"
"Caught in the Rain"   "Black Magic Woman"   "Planets of the Universe" (Demo)

Stevie Nicks »» Wikipedia Bio     Official Web-Site

"Edge of Seventeen"   "Stop Draggin' My Heart Around" (w/Tom Petty)
"Gold"   "Midnight Wind" (w/John Stewart)     "Whenever I Call You Friend" (w/Kenny Loggins)

Mac Albums

"Fleetwood Mac" (1975): WikipediaYouTube Playlist         "Rumours" (1977): WikipediaYouTube Playlist

Elvis Presley

Wikipedia Bio      "Elvis The Music" Web-Site      Graceland

Discography:   Singles    Albums    Songs         Elvis in the Movies and on T.V.

"That's All Right, Mama"   "Mystery Train"     "Peace in The Valley" (v. 1) + (v. 2)     "Love Me Tender"
"Jailhouse Rock"   "Blue Suede Shoes"   "Suspicious Minds"   "Are You Lonesome Tonight?"

"Just a Little Talk with Jesus"   "Return to Sender"   "Can't Help Falling In Love With You"
"Blue Moon of Kentucky"   "(I Did It) My Way"   "Burning Love"   "My Happiness"

Johnny Cash

Wikipedia Bio       Official Web-Site       Songs

"Ring Of Fire"   "I Walk The Line"   "Johnny Yuma" (The Rebel)   "Teenage Queen"
"Ghost Riders"     "Folsom Prison Blues" (original) + (LIVE)     "A Boy Named Sue"

"Wreck of the Old 97"   Man In Black"   "Tennessee Flat Top Box"   "Jackson"

"Hurt" - 2002 Music Video

Jerry Lee Lewis

Wikipedia Bio       Official Web-Site       Discography

"Great Balls of Fire"   "Whole Lotta Shakin Goin On"
"What Made Milwaukee Famous Made A Loser Out of Me"

Carl Perkins

Wikipedia Bio       History of Rock Bio

"Blue Suede Shoes" (single) + (TV 1956)     "MatchBox"

Roy Orbison    

Wikipedia Bio       Official Web-Site       Discography

"Ooby Dooby"   "Dream Baby"   "Only The Lonely"   "Crying"
"Oh, Pretty Woman"   "You Got It"

From 1988 TV Special "Black & White Night" ...   "Dream Baby""Oh, Pretty Woman"

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You Tube Playlist Collection
Lists created by YouTube itself, or by any of its individual users

You Tube Video Links -- DISCLAIMER
Any YouTube Videos linked to from herein are not of this author's making. Also, they are
subject to changes and/or removal by YouTube or the channel owner at any time.

This page will change and   GROW!   quite a bit, so please check back often.

The Beatles

Group's Wikipedia Bio         Official Web-Site       Group Discography

John Lennon

Wikipedia Bio         Official Web-Site       Lennon Discography

"Tomorrow Never Knows"       Wikipedia article on "Tomorrow".
The last song on the 1966 "Revolver" album was among the first recorded. Can you imagine what
it must have been like on the first take (April 6, 1966)? Surely, the recording studio people
must have realized that things were going to be a little different from that point on.

"You've Got to Hide Your Love Away"   "All You Need is Love"   "Give Peace a Chance"
"Strawberry Fields Forever"   "I am the Walrus"   "Help"   "I'm a Loser"   "Nowhere Man"

"Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds"   "Across the Universe"   "Don't Let Me Down"   "Julia"
"Baby, You're A Rich Man"   "I Should Have Known Better"   "Revolution"   "Sexy Sadie"
"Glass Onion"   "Come Together"   "I Want You"

"Imagine"   "Instant Karma"   "Power to the People"   "Happy Christmas (War is Over)"
"Starting Over"   "Beautiful Boy", "Woman"   "Nobody Told Me"   "Grow Old With Me"
"Mother"   "Working Class Hero"   "Real Love"

Paul McCartney

Wikipedia Bio         Official Web-Site       McCartney Discography

"All My Loving"   "Yesterday"   "Eleanor Rigby"   "For No One"   "Got to Get You Into My Life"
"Can't Buy Me Love"   "Hello, Goodbye"   "Lady Madonna"   "Hey Jude"   "Back in the USSR"

"Blackbird"   "Maxwell's Silver Hammer"   "Golden Slumbers"   "Carry That Weight"
"Get Back"   "The Long and Winding Road"   "Let It Be"   "The End"

"Maybe I'm Amazed"   "Give Ireland Back to the Irish"   "Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey"
"Another Day"   "Live and Let Die"   "Band on the Run"   "Jet"   "Let Me Roll It"
"Helen Wheels"   "Mrs. Vanderbilt (Ho Hey Ho)"   "Picasso's Last Words"   "1985"

George Harrison

Wikipedia Bio         Official Web-Site       Harrison Discography

"Do You Want to Know A Secret" (vocal)   "If I Needed Someone"   "Taxman"   "I Want To Tell You"
"For You Blue"   "Only a Northern Song (Beatles Anthology Version)"   "Savoy Truffle"
"While My Guitar Gently Weeps"   "Piggies"   "Here Comes the Sun"   "Something"

"My Sweet Lord"   "What is Life"   "Beware of Darkness (Bangladesh Ver.)"   "I'd Have You Anytime"
"Awaiting on You All"     "If Not For You"   "Behind That Locked Door"   "When We Was Fab"
"All Those Years Ago" (Video, 1981)

"Handle Me With Care" (Traveling Wilburys)   Click-on for YouTube Video, which opens in a new window/tab.

Ringo Starr

Wikipedia Bio         Official Web-Site       Starr Discography

"Act Naturally"   "What Goes On"   "Yellow Submarine"   "With a Little Help from My Friends"
"Don't Pass Me By"   "Good Night" (last track on White Album)   "Octopus's Garden"

"You're Sixteen"   "Photograph"   "It Don't Come Easy"   "Back Off Bugaloo"   "Oh My My"
"Only You (And You Alone)"   "No No Song"

If You Want It, Here It Is
Come and Get It - The Best of Apple Records

A 21-song CD, which contains the best efforts from a few of the many
artists who were signed to the Beatles' self-contained label, Apple Records.

Available At Amazon-Dot-Com

"Those Were the Days" -- Mary Hopkin     "Carolina In My Mind" -- James Taylor
"Maybe Tomorrow" -- The Iveys (pre-Badfinger)     "Thingummybob" -- The Black Dyke Mills Band

"King of Fuh" -- Brute Force     "Sour Milk Sea" -- Jackie Lomax     "Goodbye" -- Mary Hopkin
"That's The Way God Planned It" -- Billy Preston     "New Day" -- Jackie Lomax

"Golden Slumbers-Carry That Weight" -- Trash     "Give Peace A Chance" -- Hot Chocolate Band
"Come and Get It" -- Badfinger     "Ain't That Cute" -- Doris Troy     "My Sweet Lord" -- Billy Preston

"Try Some, Buy Some" -- Ronnie Spector     "Govinda" -- The Radna Krishna Temple (London)
"We're On Our Way" -- Chris Hodge     "Saturday Nite Special" -- The Sundown Playboys

"God Save Us" -- Bill Elliot and The Plastic Oz Band     "Sweet Music" -- Lon & Derrek van Eaton
"Day After Day" -- Badfinger

Brute Force's "King of Fuh" has a certain "lyrical qualification". Use headphones if you
plan to listen to it in front of your grandkids or at your local church Bingo gathering.

Bob Dylan

Wikipedia Bio         Official Web-Site       Dylan Discography

"Positively 4th Street"    "Tangled Up in Blue"    "A Simple Twist of Fate"    "Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues"
"Don't Think Twice, It's Alright"    "Shelter from the Storm"    "Lily, Rosemary and the Jack of Hearts"

Concert for Bangladesh versions of - "A Hard Rain's Gonna Fall"    "Just Like A Woman"

"(Most Likely) You'll Go Your Way and I'll Go Mine"    "She Belongs To Me"    "Bob Dylan's 115th Dream"
"The Times They Are A-Changin'"    "Subterranean Homesick Blues"    "The Mighty Quinn (Quinn the Eskimo)"

"Knockin On Heaven's Door"    "Lay Lady Lay"    "It Takes A Lot to Laugh, It Takes A Train to Cry"
"Like A Rolling Stone"    "Love Minus Zero"    "Visions of Johanna"    "Absolutely Sweet Marie"

"Highway 61 Revisted"    "Tombstone Blues"    "You Ain't A-Goin Nowhere"    "Down In The Flood"

-- Bob Dylan Albums --

"The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan" (1963):   WikipediaYouTube Playlist

"Blonde On Blonde" (1966):   WikipediaYouTube Playlist

"Blood On The Tracks" (1974):   WikipediaYouTube Playlist

-- Bob Dylan songs covered by others --

"Blowin' In The Wind" (Peter, Paul and Mary)       "Mr. Tambourine Man" (The Byrds)
"All along the WatchTower" (Jimi Hendrix)       "You're Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go" (Madeliene Peyroux)

"Tomorrow is Such a Long Time"    "Forever Young" (Rod Stewart)
"If Not for You" (George Harrison   Olivia Newton-John)
"Forever Young"    "Farewell Angelina"    "Don't Think Twice, It's Alright" (Joan Baez)

Pete Seeger

Wikipedia Bio         Discography

"Turn, Turn, Turn" (adaptation from the Book of Ecclesiastes)
"If I Had A Hammer" (co-written with Lee Hays)
"Where Have All the Flowers Gone" (co-written with Joe Hickerson)

"We Shall Overcome"
(re-worked traditional spiritual he helped popularize for the American Civil Rights Movement)

Has performed with Woody and Arlo Guthrie, Joan Baez, Judy Collins, Bob Dylan and many, many others

Cashman and West
Terry Cashman and Tommy West     also included Gene Pistilli

Wikipedia Bio of Cashman         YouTube "Topic" Channel

American City Suite Medley   Full 10 minute, 49 second version.    Full Lyrics

Fondly remember listening to this song back in the early 1970's on Columbus Georgia's
WWRH 104.9 FM progressive FM rock station - Those were the DAYS!!!
"WWRH 104.9"

Also by Cashman and West / Cashman, West and Pistilli / Buchannan Brothers

"Some of My Best Friends are People"    "Medicine Man"    "Sunday Will Never Be the Same"
"Songman"    "Son of a Loving Man"    "Talkin' Baseball" (Willie, Mickey and The Duke)

Simon and Garfunkel

Wikipedia Bios -- Group         Paul Simon         Art Garfunkel

"Sounds of Silence"    "America"    "Kathy's Song"    "Homeward Bound"
"59th Street Bridge Song"    "The Boxer"    "Mrs. Robinson"    "Bookends"
"So Long, Frank Lloyd Wright"    "Cecelia"    "Bye Bye Love"    "My Little Town"

Paul Simon
"Mother and Child Reunion"    "Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard"    "Duncan"
"Hobo's Blues"    "Kodachrome"    "American Tune"    "Loves Me Like a Rock"

"One Man's Ceiling is a Another Man's Floor"    "Was a Sunny Day"    "St. Judy's Comet"    "You're Kind"
"Still Crazy After All These Years"    "Gone At Last"    "50 Ways to Leave Your Lover"

"The Boy in The Bubble"    "I Know What I Know"    "You Can Call Me Al"

Art Garfunkel
"All I Know"    "Wonderful World" (w/Simon & James Taylor)    "Bright Eyes"


"Bridge Over Troubled Water" (1970, group): WikipediaYouTube Playlist

"There Goes Rhymin' Simon" (1973, Simon): WikipediaYouTube Playlist

"Graceland" (1986, Simon): WikipediaYouTube Playlist

Steeleye Span
With Maddy Prior

Wikipedia Bio         Official Web-Site         Discography

All Around My Hat (1975)" ... Live, Short Version    Full Album Version    Lyrics (Click Here)

"Cam Ye O'er Frae France"    Lyrics and Origins

"Gaudete"    "Allison Gross"    "Thomas The Rhymer"    "Gone To America"
"Black Jack Davy"    "One Misty Moisty Morning"    "Little Sir Hugh"    "Bach Goes To Limerick"    "Edwin"
"Long A-Growing"    "Two Magicians"    "The Wife of Ushers Well"    "Gamble Gold"
"New York Girls" (with Peter Sellers on the U Key Lay Lee)

Fairport Convention
With Sandy Denny

Wikipedia Bio         Official Web-Site         Discography

Sandy Denny   Wikipedia Bio     Discography

"Who Knows Where The Time Goes"    "Tam Lin"    "Matty Groves"    "Autopsy"    "Farewell, Farewell"
"Si Tu Dois Partir"    "Cajun Woman"    "Million Dollar Baby"    "Crazy Man Michael"    "Come All Ye"


"Unhalfbricking" (1969):   WikipediaYouTube Playlist

"Liege and Lief" (1969):   WikipediaYouTube Playlist

Stevie Wonder

Wikipedia Bio         Official Web-Site       Discography

"For Once In My Life"    "Signed, Sealed, Delivered"    "My Cherie Amour"    "Superwoman"
"Superstition"    "You Haven't Done Nothing"    "Higher Ground"    "You Are the Sunshine of My Life"
"I Wish"    "Isn't She Lovely"    "Sir Duke"    "I Am Singing"    "Another Star"    "As"

Electric Light Orchestra
Good 'Ol E.L.O.

Wikipedia Bio         Official Web-Site         Discography

"Roll Over Beethoven"    "Showdown"    "Boy Blue"    "Daybreaker"
"Can't Get It Out of My Head"    "Fire On High"    "Strange Magic"    "Evil Woman"

"Sweet Talkin' Woman"    "Don't Bring Me Down"    "Do Ya?"
"Rockaria!"    "Hold On Tight"

Blood, Sweat and Tears

Wikipedia Bio         Official Web-Site         Discography

"And When I Die"    "Children of the Wind"    "You've Made Me So Very Happy"    "Smiling Phases"
"Spinning Wheel"    "Lucretia McEvil"    "God Bless The Child"    "40,000 Headmen"

"Blood, Sweat and Tears" (1969 album): WikipediaYouTube Playlist

"In The Name of the Father"
1993 Movie Soundrack

Wikipedia Bio of Movie

Only a few official "topic" versions of all the songs on the "Name of the Father" soundtrack are currently
available on YouTube. You may be able to find the soundtrack on other online outlets. The Audio CD is still available
(albeit limited) at this Amazon.Com Link. Check out EBAY and others as well.

"In the Name of the Father" and "Billy Boola" - Bono & Gavin Friday

"Voodoo Child" - Jimi Hendrix Experience         "Dedicated Follower of Fashion" - The Kinks

"Is This Love" - Bob Marley & The Wailers         "Passage Of Time" - Trevor Jones

"You Made Me The Thief Of Your Heart" - Sinead O'Connor (standout song)

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You Tube Playlist Collection
Lists created by YouTube itself, or by any of its individual users

You Tube Video Links -- DISCLAIMER
Any YouTube Videos linked to from herein are not of this author's making. Also, they are
subject to changes and/or removal by YouTube or the channel owner at any time.

This page will change and   GROW!   quite a bit, so please check back often.

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