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NBC Living Color 1957

Ladies and Gentlemen, I now present to you this'n here web-page, brought to you in Living Color !!!

True Type Font Sampler Page
View some of the fonts available on the Internet, and see examples of how to use them.

Font Sampler

True Type Font Sites .. Download (and/or purchase) some really nice True Type Fonts

1001 Free Fonts   Site-1 + Site-2     Fonts 2 U + Snowcaps     Christmas Fonts     Fonts Space

Da Pizza Dude: Fonts & Art     The Free Site »» Font Links     Best Free Fonts (Blog)     Fonts Pool

The Font Diner     Abstract Fonts     Urban Fonts (free)     Freefont.de -- One Free Font Each Month

1942 Walt Disney Morrell Meats Calendar     Features ....

"The Three Little Pigs"   "Pinocchio"   "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs"   "The Old Mill"
"The Brave Little Tailor"   "Donald's Golf Game"   "The Grasshopper and the Ants"
"Society Dog Show"   "The Ugly Duckling"   "The Funny Little Bunnies"   "Barnyard Symphony"
and "The Band Concert".     In addition to the Disney art, there are classic Morrell Meats ads running
along the bottom of each calendar page.

1942 Disney Morrell Calendar

Christmas   Card   and   Image   Collections   Page

    Collection of 500 images of Christmas cards and related material. Hanukkah images also included.

    Christmas - Happy Holidays

    Other Holidays ...   Thanksgiving     St. Patrick's Day     New Year's Day    Easter

Various: Artists -- Artwork -- Art Tools

Jacquie Lawson's Flash Cards --- Animated greetings for holidays and other occasions.

Webweaver's ClipArt Archive ---   Free Web Clipart, provided you offer a link back to WebWeaver's site.

HTML Font Color Charts

Draac's Rainbow Chart       Rapid Tables HTML Color Codes       Misc Chart # 1 ++ Chart # 2

IrfanView: Multi-Purpose Image Viewer and Audio Player

IrfanView is an easy-to-use image viewer and audio file player. With optional plug-ins, it can
handle Flash, Quicktime Real Audio/Video, AVI, FLV and MP4-MP3-MP2-MP1 encoded files.
Best of all, it is currently available as freeware, at least if you are going to use it in your own
home or personal laptop. For usage by commercial entities and other types of public
organizations, the authors offer it for a very small license fee.

To get IrfanView, as well as the plug-in packages, just connect to the link below, choose the language
version to work under, then go to the download section to get IrfanView and the plug-in packages.
Downloading should not take more than a minute for all files. For License fee information, look
in the "What is IrfanView?" section.

Click-on here for » » » »   Irfanview's Primary Home Site

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Web-Links herein are either images (where mentioned) or underlined blue-colored text.
These links will open up in a new window or tab.

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