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Featured Apps and Topics

DosBox-X   The new and currently updated successor to DosBox.

DOSBox-X, available in 32 and 64 bit versions, is an open-source DOS emulator for running DOS games and
applications. DOS-based Windows such as Windows 3.x and Windows 9x are officially supported. Many of
the Dosbox configuration parameters may be imported to DosBox-X on a case by case basis.

NOTE TAB -- HTML Text Editor
The award-winning NOTE TAB EDITOR has helped me tremendously with the periodic upgrading of this web-site.
It is also great for printing Text Documents. In fact, because of its ability to intstruct a printer to print with a specific
user-selected fixed width font, you can print plain text documents DOS style. NOTE TAB also does something that
Microsoft's NOTEPAD plus a lot of other Windows text editors don't do -- it supports PAGE BREAKS!    €ureka!

Softmaker - Office Suite (Free Version)
An alternative to the Windows Office Suite, offered   COMPLETELY FREE AND PERMANENTLY USABLE.
There is no trial period, and no need to buy a license or anything else. The office suite is presented in a
downloadable 59-megabyte (give/take) installer file which includes TextMaker (Word Processor),
PlanMaker (spreadsheet) and Softmaker Presentations (Powerpoint equivalant).   Double €ureka!

Know Your Bytes - A Graphic Chart
Easily tells you the difference between Kilobytes and Yottabytes. Chart also illustrates the visual impact
of exotic fonts, in this case "CrackerMan" for the the Pac-Man characters. The chart can be used as a
demonstration tool in any computer-related course.

WWW -- Internet Topics
Web Browsers, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Java, Other

Mozilla.Org     Firefox Browser     Google Chrome     Opera Web Browser     Pale Moon Browser

Discussions involving HTML, CSS, Javascript, Java, PHP, Perl, ASP, SQL, .NET and other web-page coding languages.

WDG - H T M L Helper     Microsoft Web Developer

Web-Page Builder Sites

Qhmit (Quack-It) Web-Page Construction Tutorials     Working With HTML I-Frames

The JavaScript Source     Free Site: JavaScript (and Java) Service Listings

QuirksMode       Search Engine Aid: How to use META Tags

Java Age Detector (A Scream!)     Paul McFedries' Code Page (CSS, JavaScript, Other)

Email Addresses dot com     Listing of HTML editors     Free-Site Listing: WebMaster Freebies

MS-DOS / DOS BASIC / Minor Sites
| See also the Powerbasic Section, located further down on this page.

Dan's Abandonware   About the fate of MS-DOS and Win-3.x software

Daniel's Legacy Computer Collections   All about vintage software and hardware

Q-BASIC/Quickbasic (DOS) Sites

The Q-Basic Tutorial Site
A history of the Q-Basic Language, plus a 30-plus chapter tutorial on how to program with it.

QBasic NewsQBasic Programming

GW stands for (supposedly) Gee Whiz -OR- (allegedly) Gates William

GW-BASIC (Gee Whiz!)Kindly Rat's GW-Basic SiteGW-BASIC User's Guide ++ Alt Site

PC-BASIC: MS-DOS Basic 3.23 Emulator     PC-Basic Documentation
Windows-Mac-Linux compatible platform. Allows creating and running BASIC programs for IBM PC,
TANDY PC and certain other DOS era systems.

MS-DOS & Other Sites

Nathan's Toasty Technology and GUI Classics

Vintage Operating SystemsDOS BBS Bulletin Board Forum

PowerBASIC Section (PB)

PowerBASIC Home Page     PB for Windows-Current-Classic

PB Console Compiler-Current-Classic     Accessories-3rd Party

Power-BASIC Bulletin Board Forums-Current
Powerbasic users can share thoughts, suggestions and source code.

Kube-0-Seven   BASIC Language Demonstration Program created with the Power-BASIC Console Compiler.

Program 8032   Emulation of Commodore Basic 4.0 power-on screen, created with Power-BASIC 3.5 for DOS.

Gary Peek's PowerBasic & GW-Basic Source Codes       Gary Beene's Powerbasic Page

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