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1952 Phenix City - Russell County Alabama Brochure

    12-page advertisement promoting the area, but with no mention of those "other activities".

    1952 Phenix City Russell County

Was Once the World's Tallest Structure

    TV tower for Columbus, Georgia stations WRBL-3 and WTVM-9. At one time it was -THE TALLEST EVER-
    man-made structure in the entire world. Read about the tower's conception and construction, as well as
    its entry in the 1963 Guinness Book of World Records.

    WRBL-WTVM TV Tower

Spano's Restaurant

    Landmark restaurant that operated for over 90 years in downtown Columbus, Georgia.
    Author welcomes feedback and information concerning any Spano's Memorabilia.     !!!!!!

1942 Walt Disney John Morrell Meats Calendar

    Features "Three Little Pigs", "Pinocchio", "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs", "The Brave Little Tailor",
    "Donald's Golf Game", "The Grasshopper and the Ants", "Society Dog Show", "The Ugly Duckling",
    "The Old Mill", "The Funny Little Bunnies", "Barnyard Symphony" and "The Band Concert". In addition
    to the Disney art, there are classic Morrell Meats ads running along the bottom of each calendar page.

   1942 Disney Morrell Calendar

My Favorite Music .... Volume One   and   Volume Two

    Personal favorite artists and songs.   These pages will GROW!, so check them often.

    Southern Ashe     Southern country-rock band from Phenix City AL and nearby towns.
    Mike McLain, Tony Stephens, Jeff Fredrick, Rud King, Jimmy Pope and Alan Hussey | Danny Elrod, Randy Jackson, Terry Young and Others.

My Favorite Music

YouTube Playlist Collection       A companion to the "My Favorite Music" page.

    Playlists shown are those generated by YouTube itself, or those compiled by individual YouTube
    users. Each list will feature (1) notable albums by groups and individuals; (2) A mix of tunes from
    different sources that are combined to highlight a certain musical theme.

The Sea Horse Store

    Fondly remembered (by family and friends) old landmark in Laguna Beach, Florida.

    Sea Horse Store

St. Patrick School - Phenix City AL

    Photos and nostalgia Items for group that attended from 1963-64 (Kindegarten) to 1971-72 (8th grade).

    St. Patrick School

1972 Pacelli High School Student Handbook       Columbus, GA.

    Rules and regulations, academic or otherwise, that every Pacelli student had to know. Simple flip-thru
    browsing. Also: web links to Pacelli, St. Anne's School and St. Anne's Parish.

    Pacelli 1972 Handbook

Christmas Card and Image Collections Page

    Collection of 500 images of Christmas cards and related material. Hanukkah images also included.

    Christmas - Happy Holidays

    Other Holidays ...   Thanksgiving     St. Patrick's Day     New Year's Day    Easter

Fonts - Graphics - Imagery

    Various sites offerings fonts, graphic imagery and/or image viewers.

True-Open Type Fonts Sampler Page

    Links to various web-sites offering fonts, plus example images of various text, script and decorative fonts.

    Font Sampler

Computer-Internet-Webmaster Page

    Popular software; web-browsers; web-page building sites; BASIC-language programming.     !!!!!!
    10 CLS
    20 print "Hello World"
    30 GG$=inkey$
    40 if GG$="X" or GG$="x" THEN GOTO 70
    50 if GG$="" THEN GOTO 30
    60 GOTO 30
    70 END

Kube-0-Seven     BASIC Language Demo Program created with the Power-BASIC Console Compiler

    PBCC Kube-0-Seven

Famous Arty Faxx

    Electronics, Photography, Audio Hi-Fi, Amateur Radio, and other related items.


Southwest Technical Products Catalog Archive

    PDF files of SWTPC catalogs, equipment test reports and other items dating from 1967 to 1980.


All-Time Star Trek Dream Crew

   This is a saved thread from an old Sci-Fi forums site, active in a near two-year period from
   2001 to 2003. Star Trek fans were asked to pick a dream crew from several different categories,
   and their responses were allowed to deviate from the original poster's set standards.   !!!~!!!

The Lottery Links Page    Please remember to always play responsibly!!

   Links to -- home pages of the Mega Millions, Powerball, Georgia and Florida Lotteries.

  Lotto Draw: A Single 7 or 8 Ball Set -- Suggested alternative to current two-set formats.

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    Golf Stuff

The Golf Stuff Page       Information about the PGA Tour (and others).

!     From Wikipedia -- PGA Tour:   2024     2022-23         Fed Ex Cup:   Basics   2023

PGA Tour Prize Money Charts     Distribution methods presented include ...
|    »» The Tour's current method, plus various older methods dating as far back as the 1960's.

   »» Those for the Korn Ferry, European-World, Champions and LPGA Tours.

Fed Ex Cup Alternative Top 30 Scenarios

  Several issues, as well as untried or unused alternatives, are pointed out in the set-up of the PGA Tour's season-ending
  Fed Ex Cup playoffs. This special series covers only the years from 2007 to 2022. While no further annual articles will
  be presented, the existing ones remain to help explain many perceived set-up flaws, as well as to suggest solutions.

1981 Pensacola Open: The Forgotten Season-Ending Championship

    A small Florida town's PGA Tour event experiences the kind of drama
    not offered by the Tour Championship and the Fed Ex Cup.

    1981 Pensacola Open

1975-76 PGA Tour "Wrapped" Season

    Long before the Fed Ex Cup "wrap-around" seasons were introduced, there were for a few years "wrapped" PGA Tour
    seasons of a different kind. The very first such "wrap" season, 1975-76, is profiled. The article includes occasional
    commentary, which points out certain aspects, as well as a few perceived flaws, of the 1975-76 "wrap" format.

Southern Open Tribute Page     aka The Buick Challenge

    This was a PGA Tour event contested at courses in Columbus GA and Pine Mountain GA from 1970 to 2002.
    Complete year-by-year tournament results, including a 2003 Champions Tour version, are presented.

    1982 Southern Open

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