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1.   Catalog   and   Equipment   Archive   Sites

  Catalog Archives: Radio Shack -- Web Site ... YouTube Channel       Allied Radio -- Web Site ... YouTube Channel

  Images of Radio Shack and Allied Radio catalogs, plus brochures, videos and other information.

    Radio Shack Catalogs
    Allied Radio Catalogs

2.   World   Radio   History    World Radio History      Formerly known as American Radio History

    This is mainly a PDF file archive for publications dealing with a mix of Consumer, Commercial
    and Amateur Electronics; Radio-TV Broadcasting; Electronics and Hobbyist Pursuits.

    Catalogs ... Consumer (Mixed)     Allied Radio, Radio Shack, Heathkit, Burstein-Applebee, others.

Lafayette Radio ElectronicsSee also the special Lafayette image tribute section further down this page.


    Audio Hi-Fi and Music Magazines ... Stereo ReviewHigh FidelityAudio

      Reviews of and features on hi-fi equipment; articles on people and recordings in pop, country, R&B, jazz and classical music.

    Major Music Industry Magazines ... BillboardCash BoxRecord World / Music Vendor

      Reporting on the American (Billboard, Record World, Music Vendor) and British (Cash Box) Music Scenes.

    Radio-Hobbyist Magazines ... Electronics WorldPopular ElectronicsRadio Electronics

Includes the famous Altair 8800 "Pop" issues -- January 1975 and February 1975.

* QST ** 73 *       Radio Engineering Handbooks ....   Mixed Group + ARRL

    Book Libraries ... Radio-TV Broadcasting     Encyclopedias

    Misc ... What's NewF.A.Q.sSite Search         The History Of UHF TV

Television Factbook   Comprehensive listings and statistics of
| U.S. and Canadian TV stations, from 1949 to 2012

Broadcasting Yearbook   Comprehensive listings and statistics of U.S. and Canadian
| TV and Radio stations, from 1935 to 2017   (TV stations only in some years)

Electronics Today (International) ...   Australia     UK-Britain     Canada

Radio Shack Dictionary Of
Electronics (PDF Files) »»»

Click-on image or year(s)   »»»
ARShack Dictionary 1970xx
RShack Dictionary 7475
RShack Dictionary 7879

Allied Radio Booklet .... Understanding Transistors (1959, PDF)

3.   Mixed   Bag   Of   Archive-Info   Sites

    Hi-Fi   Engine     Audio Hi-Fi PDF File Archives

    » » » » Owners manuals, service manuals, schematic layouts, brochures, catalogs, etc.

    Audio   Karma   Dot   Org   Audio - Video Discussion Forum Site

    Past Catalogs-Dot-Com   /   KC8RP     PDF Files, images and other information.

    Boat Anchor Pix .... Older Tube Radio Equipment

    Camera Manual Library .... PDFs of Camera Manuals, related photography items

4.   Lafayette   Radio   Electronics - - - - Image   Tribute   Section

Click-on images to view at full size (each will open in a new window/tab)

From the World Radio History site --- Lafayette Catalog Archives (PDF Files)

1960 Catalog

1969 Catalog

1970 Catalog

1971 Catalog

1972 Catalog

1973 Catalog

1974 Catalog

• 4 Channel Sound
• Amplifier Wattage

LT-725 Tuner
LA-750 Amplifier

Receiver (1969)

Receiver (1971)
Integrated Circuit 1968-1
Integrated Circuit
Integrated Circuit 1968-2
Integrated Circuit

RK-710a Mono
Open Reel

RK-870 Stereo
Open Reel

Catalog 720
Order Card

Catalog 720
9-1971 Mag Ad

Amplifier (1968)

Amplifier (1970-71)
LA-125B 2-1972
Test Rpt 1/2
LA-125B 2-1972
Test Rpt 2/2

LT-725A Tuner
1972 Catalog

LT-725A 1-1972
Test Report

History of the Lafayette LA-125 Amplifier Series ... Click-on Here
Lafayette Radio Electronics 111 Jericho Turnpike Syosset L.I. New York 11791 • The General • Catalog 690 700 710 720 730 740 750 760 770
± 1 db • IHF • RMS • Music Power • 4-ohms • 8-ohms • Both Channels Driven • About Amplifier Wattage Ratings • An Introduction to 4-Channel Sound
Test Report • LA-125T LA-125TA LA-125B LA-750 Amplifer • LT-725 LT-725A Tuner • LR-1500TA Receiver • RK-710a Open Reel Mono Recorder
CBS SQ • SQ-M • SQ Logic • SQ Wave Matching Full Logic • JVC CD-4 • Composer A B • Sansui QS • RM Regular Matrix • CB Radio • Shortwave Radio

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5.   Southwest   Technical   Products   Corporation   (SWTPC)

From 1964 to 1986, SWTPC offered kits for hi-fi audio, as well as for computers.

Wikipedia Article

From -- SWTPC Computers       Michael Holley's SWTPC site (Restored) - A - / - B -

At the restored Holley site .. -A- or -B- links .. look for "SWTPC Advertisements and Brochures".

Available here at frankosite2020 --->> SWTPC Catalogs Tests Articles Archive (PDF files)

Click-on images to view at full size (each will open in a new window/tab)

YouTube Demonstration Video .... 215 Stereo Power Amplifier

Pay particular attention to the VU meter readings as music is played. Next, scroll down among the comments below
the video. A YouTube user named tubiephrank0707 offers two commentaries, one of which focuses on the VU meter
readings and the power output involved. The video's original poster replies in agreement with the assessment.

SWTPC • Southwest Technical Products Company • 219 W. Rhapsody Drive San Antonio Texas TX 78216 • 6800 Computer • Plastic Tiger Power Amplifier
Lil Tiger • Tigersaurus • 198a Stereo Preamp • 215 • 207b • SCA FM Adaptor • Popular Electronics • Electronics Illustrated • Kit • Kits

6.   Mixed   Bag   Of   Images  

Click-on images to view at full size (each will open in a new window/tab)

7.   Stereo Power On Campus -- or, Vito Planamento's Big Set !!

by Robert V. Weinstein     photos by Maddy Miller

Article from September 1974 Modern Hi-Fi and Stereo Guide magazine
Click-on images to view at full size (each will open in a new window/tab)

Front Cover







BTW -- Vito's stereo system consisted of a Sansui AU-9500 amplifier (75 watts x 2 at 8-ohms, 20 hz - 20,000 hz, both channels
driven, THD and IM typically below 0.1%); a Sansui TU-9500 Am/Stereo Fm tuner; a Dual 1229 turntable (the phono
pickup was not identified); the Bose 901 speaker system. Any other components, such as tape recorder decks and/or
players, TV set and Ham or Shortwave receivers, were not mentioned. Total system cost, in 1974 dollars, was $ 2,000.00 !!

***   8.   Radio   Shack   ***
Science Fair - Mono FM Wireless Microphone Kit - 1969
Realistic - 4-input Stereo/Mono Mic Mixer - 1970

Click-On images for larger views

Radio Shack FM Wireless Mic Kit 1969         Realistic Stereo/Mono Mic Mixer 1970

FM Microphone Option: Substitute an audio jack for the mic element, and then connect the mic mixer to the jack.

Mic Mixer Note: A battery may not be necessary - Just turn-on mixer's power switch, and (if need be)
turn up the individual input volume controls up slightly higher than normal.

Xtra, Xtra: The FM Mic's maximum **L E G A L** transmit power was 1/10th of a watt (0.1 watts).

9.   Famous   Arty   Faxx - - - Potpurri  

Heathkit - Amateur Radio       Heathkit 1971 Groovy

  Transceivers: SB-102; HW-101; SB-104 series

  Separates: SB-401 (Tsmtr); SB-303 (Rcvr) ... DX-60B (Tsmtr); HR-10B (Rcvr)

  Linear Amps: SB-230; SB-200; SB-220       Shortwave Receivers: SB-313; GR-54

    1971: GR-54 SW Receiver         Christmas 1974: Amateur Radio
    Heathkit GR-54         Heathkit Christmas 1974
    For Large Image - Click-On         For 15-page PDF File - Click-On

Acoustic Research (AR)     Click-on the images for larger views

  Amplifier (1967-1973)         Original Turntable         Speakers (1971)       Singer Judy Collins
                          (1963-1974)                               AR-4x Speakers (1970)

AR Amplifier - 1967       AR Turntable - 1964     AR Speakers 1971     Judy and AR-4x

Panasonic and Technics

  Technics SL-1100a Turntable       Microphone RP-8131

  Cassette Recorders RQ-209, RQ-409s, RQ-309as, RQ-413       KX-T2315, KX-T2355 SpeakerPhones

Shure   M55E, M91ED phono cartridges

Realistic (Radio Shack) Portable Cassette Recorders   Click-on images for larger view.
| Models CTR-11 and CTR-12 (1972)   CTR-51 (1981)   CTR-68 (1986)   CTR-69 (1991)


  CTR-69-BB   CTR-69 Vox Switch Positions .. Early Version: IN / OUT     Later Version: HI / LO / OUT

Philips Compact Cassette ... Introduced in 1963. Click-on image for larger view.
  Philips C-60

S o n y ... Click-on images for larger views

  Am-Fm Stereo Receivers ... STR-6046/6046a, STR-7065/7065a

  Dual Cassette Decks .... TC-WE305/WE405

  Radio-Cassette Units .... CFS-1030 / CFS-1130 (Deluxe)

    SONY CFS-1030     SONY CFS-1130 Deluxe

Deluxe Cassette Decks ... Teac 450 ... Nakamichi 1000

2-Channel Open Reel ... Revox A-700 : Teac 2300-S : KLH 41 w/Dolby

4-Channel Open Reel ... Teac 3340-S : Sony TC-854-S

Tape Recording Accessories .... Click-on images for larger view

AKAI Tape Deck Selector       SONY Tape Deck Selector

Crown .... DC-300 Power Amplifier

Dynaco ... PAS-3x (Tube), PAT-4 (Solid State) Preamps

  SCA-80 Solid State Integrated Amp       Stereo 120 Solid State Power Amp

Speaker Systems   KLH 6, 17 and 33 ... JBL Century 100 ... Altec Lansing A-7 Voice of the Theatre

Catalogs-Electronic Equipment   from ....

  Teledyne/Olson ... Eico ... J and R ... Dixie Hi-Fi ... B and H Photo

  BK DAK ... Warehouse Sound Company ... Burstein-Applebee (BA) ... Edmund Scientific ... Damark

VHS VCR's, Cassettes, Accessories

  VCR's: Panasonic PV-1340; PV-4168; PV-4551 ... RCA VR-603AHF ... Sharp Mid-Drive Models of the 90's

  Cassettes: TDK HS/EHG .... JVC SX/EHG .... Maxell HGX

  Accessories: Archer Video Control Center (Cat # 15-1263)

  UHF Bow-Tie Antenna: Radio Shack 15-623 (15-624) .... Channel Master 4149

Photography     Click-on images for larger views

  35mm cameras: Minolta SRT 102, A-5 || Argus C 20

  35mm films: Kodachrome 25-64 ... Kodachrome-II ... Ektachrome 64-100-200 ... High Speed Ektachrome

Plus-X ... Tri-X ... Kodacolor-X ... Kodacolor-II ... Kodacolor 100-200-400

Kodak Signet 50    Kodachrome Ektachrome 70s    HS Ektachrome 1960    Plus-X and Tri-X    Kodak Color Films 1970s

Nitsuko Tie Ultracom (UAT 64)   Key Phone System --

  Extensions 10 to 73       Programs 40, 41 and 42       Red and Green Thingies -- Kool!

  WARNING -- Under the right conditions, a pay phone line makes a real nice addition!   !!!!++!!!!

Eva-Tone SoundSheets

"Seedy" Places   R.H. Shumway ... Burpees

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